Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research

Editorial Policies

All research submitted to AGJSR Journal must be reported according to internationally accepted standards for the study type, with ethics oversight.


  • Authors should be required to identify the organizations that provided support for their research and to describe the role played by these organizations in the study and the analysis of their results.
  • Authors should have full access to all results of their studies. This is particularly important with respect to studies regarding drugs and devices supported by manufacturers.
  • Authors should be required to disclose to the editors all personal financial and other relationships they may have with the manufacturer of any product mentioned in the manuscript, or the manufacturers of competing products.
  • Editors and reviewers are also required to declare any competing interests and will be excluded from the peer review process if a competing interest exists.
  • The contributions of persons who are acknowledged for their assistance in the research should be described, and their consent to be acknowledged should be documented.

Research involving regulated animals must meet internationally accepted ethics standards for the study type.