Ali Mohamed Al-Aidaroos and Muthunayagam Rufus Kitto
Article publication date: 2014-09-01
Vol. 32 No. 2/3 (yearly), pp. 128-132.


Brachyuran crab; Fecundity, Hatching rate, Zoea collection, Survival; Tray rearing system.


The design and operation of a small research scale berried female rearing system for the collection of brachyuran first formed zoea in high quality and quantity are described in the present paper. The envisaged novel zoea collection system discloses a tray shelf system with an aqua terrarium on the upper shelf with provision of an accessible dry zone for the crab facilitating movement of between the body of water and the terrarium gravel pile. As larval aggregation in the bottom of the tanks will certainly cause ‘‘tangling’’, damage larval appendages or even the death of the larvae, this immediate auto separation through a photo exposure regime design holds promise.