Author(s): Noori Abdul Nabi Nasir and Khalid William Farnar
Article publication date: 2014-09-01
Vol. 32 No. 2/3 (yearly), pp. 140-146.


Zero group fish, stomach content, feeding habit, dietary overlap, Shatt Al-Arab River, Iraq.


The food and feeding adaptations of 0-group fishes in the water of Shatt Al-Arab River were studied during the period between March 2011 to December 2012. A total of 1851 fish samples of were collected. The stomach fullness and contents were observed and analyzed using frequency of occurrence, numerical and point methods. The non-empty stomach recorded during the study could be attributed to food abundance and good feeding habits. Four major food groups Bacillariophyta, Chlorophyta, Cyanophyte, Copepods, Amphipods and Shrimp) were recorded. The result showed that Liza subviridis is herbivores and the remaining of the fish are omnivores feeders. The degree dietary overlap among the species investigated was in the region of 51.1% . Diet Similarity Index between each pair species was also calculated .The results indicate that these fish might be in direct competition for food.