Xiao-Chun Qiu, Jack Jia and Qian Liu
Article publication date: 2014-09-01
Vol. 32 No. 2/3 (yearly), pp. 147-152.


Nano-medicine, Bibliometric analysis, Gastrointestinal Cancer.


Background: Colon cancer is one of the most difficult diseases; the development of nanotechnology and nanomedicine has provided a new way to overcome colon cancer. Nanotechnology can largely improve the occurrence of tumor screening and diagnosis. Nano-drugs in tumor targeted therapy caused lots of attention. This article aim to do a bibliometric analysis of nanotechnology used in colon cancer screening and therapy, and provides an overview of the full research field. Method: Literature search was performed through the use of PubMed search engines with the following MeSH terms: nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and colon cancer or colon neoplasms. The article search was concentrated on developments from 2002 to 2011. By using Gopubmed website, we analyzed the numbers of publications, countries of origin, author count, Frequency of MeSH subject. Results: United States is the leader in global nano colon cancer research, accounting for more than half of the total number of articles, followed by China, Iran. Based on the study of the frequency of the appearance of those MeSH terms, subjects such as, microscopy, colonoscopy and early detection of cancer are attractive to researcher in this field. Conclusion: This study demonstrating that research in this field is developing fast. More scientists are becoming interested in this research area, as evident in the breakthroughs achieved in recent years. Research on nanoparticle and colon cancer apoptosis /colonoscopy is most discussed recently.