Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Qarawi, Elsied Fathi Abdullah, Thbit Safer Al-Shahrani and Mashail N Alzain
Article publication date: 2014-03-01
Vol. 32 No. 1 (yearly), pp. 41-50.


Allelopathy; Rhazya stricta; Artemisia monosperma; AM fungi.


The present study was conducted to evaluate the allelopathic potential of two invasive plants namely Rhazya stricta and Artemisia monosperma on the growth of Zea mays (agricultural plant) and Lasiurus scindicus (range plant) inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. The results indicated that the leaf aqueous extract (10%; 30%; 50%, w/v) of both R. stricta and A. monosperma caused gradual allelopathic effects on plant height, shoot dry weight, root dry weight and structural colonization of AM fungi of both the agricultural and range plants. However, the higher concentration of plant extract (50%, w/v) caused stimulatory effect in plant growth parameters and structural colonization of AM fungi. Also, the root exudates of the invasive plants have reported similar allelopathic impact against the morphological characters of both R. stricta and A. monosperma and their structural colonization of AM fungi. The mycorrhizal spore count, most probable number of propagules and inoculums potential in the soil of the invasive plants were less as compared with control.