Goran Rakocevic, Marija Jovic, Marko Jovic and Veljko Milutinovic
Article publication date: 2014-03-01
Vol. 32 No. 1 (yearly), pp. 68-79.


Multidisciplinary course, Interdisciplinary course, Transdisciplinary course, Wireless sensor network,Health care.


As with any new technology with a potentially wide impact, securing that the benefits are fully utilized and the take-up is facilitated requires effort from several disciplines. However, the skills for interdisciplinary cooperation and communication are often times lacking. This paper summarizes the findings of a trial course, which was created as an attempt to alleviate this issue. The course is focused around the use of Wireless Sensor Networks, a relative recent technology, in a set of medical applications, as well as an accompanying business models to make such products commercially viable. The course was designed to be given to students from three groups of majors: computer engineering, medicine, and business. The results show that after the proposed collaborative multidisciplinary course, the results of joint team efforts of the students increased, as well the individual level knowledge.