Muneera Alnoaimi and Soud Almahamid
Article publication date: 2019-06-01
Vol. 37 No. 2 (yearly), pp. 1-10.


Systematic literature review, High-Performance Work System, Product Innovation.


Aim: Identifying the missing link in the literature between High-Performance Work System (HPWS) and product innovation, and identifying if there are any mediating or moderating variables that play roles in the relationship between HPWS and product innovation. Design of Study: a systematic review of all related articles that link between HPWS and product innovation. Method: a systematic literature searching 8 databases produced 50 articles that touch the subject directly or indirectly. Scanning all of them revealed that only 14 articles were directly examined on the subject and have been published during the last 13 years. Therefore, they were included in the current literature review. Results: the result revealed that HPWS is positively related with product innovation. In addition, the relationship between HPWS and product innovation is mediated by several factors among which the most important are the innovative work behavior and organizational climate. Moreover, a new conceptual model was developed and will be tested in the next phase of this research project. Recommendations: Based on the research results, a set of practical and scientific recommendations were provided. Originality: Emerges from developing a new conceptual model that is missing in the literature and customizing it to fit the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC). Future studies: Other organizational factors such as culture, leadership styles, and job engagement could be added to the proposed framework..