S.A. Mohamed
Article publication date: 1998-04-01
Vol. 16 No. 1 (yearly), pp. 145-157.


migratory waders, Bahrain Islands, density


Twenty seven sites around the islands of Bahrain were studied regarding the distribution and density of waders. Site features, such as slope, sediment grain size and dry intertidal area were examined. The biomass as dry weight per square metre was calculated for each site. A greater density of wading birds was shown in sites with a large dry intertidal area, a very gentle slope and high value of biomass which reached 16.84g/m2 in Ras Hayan site. The high values of counts ranged between 100-145 birds/minute while the lowest was 2 birds/minute. Areas attractive to migratory waders are located mainly on the sheltered eastern shore of the main island of Bahrain. Twenty eight different species of waders were identified during the present field study. Human activities such as filling and land reclamation had influenced some of the important areas which previously attracted waders.