Vol. 30 Issue 4

Adel Aldoukhli, Mohamed Ait Belaid and Lulwa Ali
The aim of this study was to investigate the concept of Carrying Capacity (CC) as a tool for beach management in Kuwait through focusing on two public beaches (Al-Shuwaikh and Green Island beaches). A geodatabase has been built up and GIS maps were prepared for each single beach that included the land use map and density distribution of visitors produced by aerial photography (year 2004) and ground survey. Data on the environmental quality of the coastal water at these beaches as well as information on the perception of visitors through visitor’s interviews were collected and analyzed. The CC maps produced for both beaches revealed that visitors› distribution was not uniform across the beaches. High density zones were concentrated at the intertidal areas, the sports and children playgrounds and the greenery areas on the beaches and represented the highest pressure of use in comparison to the total area of the studied beaches. Moreover, results of visitor’s perception revealed the importance given by the beach users to both the occupancy area and the distance between each group of people when visiting the beach. Such factors are important when determining the CC of the beach and should be considered, in order to come up with a realistic CC and better management of these beaches. Comparison between the two studied beaches revealed some differences as related to their carrying capacity. It has been shown that the percentage of visitors to Al-Shuwaikh beach was greater than the Green Island beach and the visitors› distribution was different too. This was related to a number of reasons including the availability of more services and leisure activities on this beach and the relatively easier access to the sea through intertidal areas in addition to the proximity and convenience of Al-Shuwaikh beach to the residential area located to the north of Kuwait city.

Souad M. Alsaqabi, Asma S. Albelali and Ali A. Eshky
Were studied external structure of parasite Octolasmis sp and Balanus sp affecting crab blue swimmer water Gulf - Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia using the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and recorded the study was to study the regions of the peduncle and cervical in the parasite Octolasmis sp shown to covering surface of the body with hold arranged in the form of tapes and the cervicalis characterized as a pleated cover the same nipples and different from the rest of the body and that the capitulum and the cirriform appendages cover the thorns of different lengths, while the rest of the body covered by granules and the study showed also that the parasite Barnacles Sea Balanus sp there is in the form of personnel adjacent to the body host of different sizes in the areas of paper and legs chelicera in both males and females. And the body of the parasite is installed on the body of crab by the baseband (the area of strabismus Femip crab), which contains six appendices cirris, as well as the body of Balanus sp have calcareous structure . This is the first study in this area.

Khalid Othman Al-Kuaik and Mansour Elsaid Abou-Gamila
The purpose of this paper is to study innovation processes and the factors that impact them; and how to raise the awareness of the importance of innovation which will lead to enhancing the competitive advantage and value added activities in these firms. This will lead to enhancing the economic growth of the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This study is an empirical in nature to assess the current position of innovation processes and activities of industrial organizations in the private sector in KSA. The sample used in this study includes sixty nine firms from the sectors of Chemical, Metal and Food industries in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. The results show that innovation is one of the most important strategic objectives for the industrial sectors. It also shows that the most important factors that impact innovation include innovation culture, innovation strategy, expenditure on innovation, and the sources of information on innovation respectively. Moreover, the results show that there are a strong positive correlation between innovation factors and innovation processes.

Salwa Quita, Mohammed Zainy Mutawakal, Lina Kurdi and Badriah Hifni
Carboplatin is one of the anticancer drugs used in chemotherapy for cancer patients. Cytogenetic effects were evaluated by employing bone marrow micronucleus test, one of the short-term tests that adopted in such studies. Micronucleus test was used by injecting the mice with the three doses for five consecutive days into the intraperitoneal injection. Toxicity of carboplatin was observed in stimulates the production of micronucleus in polychromatic erythrocytes of bone marrow of treated mice. A dose-response relationship was observed giving evidence that carboplatin is positive clastogene.

Mustafa Ahmed Almukhtar, Abass Jasim Alfaisal, Fawzei Mustafa, Audai Mohamed Hassan, Sadjad Abdulgahni and Tariq Hammed
This study was carried out to check the classification of the Groupers (Genus: Epinephelus), which considered as a main group in the marine Iraqi fisheries. Fishes were collected from Al- FAO city South of Al-Basrah, and from Basrah city fish market. Many Groupers species had been registered in Iraq, the largest registered number was thirteen species. Fifteen species were described in this study; four were described for the first time in Iraq, which were Epinephelus coioides, Epinephelus polylepis, Epinephelus epistictus and Epinephelus malabaricus. The presence and classification of other species had been confirmed, which include E. areolatus; Epinephelus bleekeri; Epinephelus diacanthus and Epinephelus stoliczkae. It was found that the presence of four species were suspicious, these are Epinephelus longispinis (Epinephelus fario); Epinephelus merra; Epinephelus fuscoguttatus and Epinephelus sexfasciatus. While other species were expected to be found, if more efforts will be done, and they were recognized by the fishermen to be found in the Iraqi fishing ground, these are Epinephelus coruleopunctatus, Epinephelus fasciatus and Epinephelus latifasciatus. Field classification key for some of the groupers in the Iraqi Marine waters ,were designed taking into account coloration pattern, morphological characteristics for quick identification of the species

Mousfer Mahdi Al-Mousfer Al-Ajmi
This study investigates the strategy of diversifying portfolios by Investing on Share Index Funds with application to Kuwait Shares Market and that regarded as a new contribution Emerging Markets Literature. Monthly share prices data were used from June 2001 to December 2007 for International Index funds and Kuwait Share Index which reflects fluctuation of market prices. The result of the quantitative measures show that, when Kuwait Shares Market Index were included in the investment portfolios it may not offer the best return compared to other International Share Index Funds but it can reduce total risk and diversify portfolio.

Hanai Fatany
This study aims to identify strategies that are involved in the unity of equations and inequalities for the average second grade students, through the perception of a proposed building to develop problem-solving skills in math in the unity of equations and inequalities math curriculum for Grade Average, and identify the impact of the proposed mobile learning technology to develop mathematical problem-solving skills, therefore we selected the school of (ElZekr- ElAhlya) which includes three classroom for Grade Average, two classrooms were selected at random sample, and they have been divided as a group experimental (20 students) and a control group (20 students) randomly, the result of the study was revealed that the rate of gain in skills (1.58%), this means that the use of mobile learning technology with the experimental group had an increase in efficiency in the ability of students to solve problems and build on this result the second hypothesis was accepted. The study concluded a series of recommendations including: the need to encourage the use of mobile learning technology as a means to teach mathematics, and take advantage of all technologies offered by mobile devices and suitable for educational uses including, reading e-books and applications of construction and configuration as well as social networking tools.

Faisal Sultan Alsubaiee, Yousif Naser Aldraim, Siddig Eltaeeb Muneer and Ibrahim Mohamed Alshuhwan
Date palm trees are infected by different diseases and pests that negatively affect its quality and productivity. The control of these pests and diseases requires the use of appropriate technologies to minimize the infection rate and crop losses. This study was intended to determine the adoption rate of some diseases and pests control technologies and methods among Date Palm farmers in Dammam area of Saudi Arabia and the most important factors affecting it. Data was collected through face to face interviews from a simple random sample of 111 Date Palm farmers in the study area using a validated and pre-tested questionnaire. Descriptive statistics (frequency distribution. mean and standard deviation) and multiple regression were used to analyze the data. The study results indicated that the adoption rates of the diseases and pests control technologies and methods by Date farmers are very low. Only one practices (getting rid of agricultural residues immediately) out of the seventeenth technologies and methods under consideration reached medium level. The adoption rates of the other technologies and methods were low and all of them were less than two on an adoption scale of four points. The study revealed that the most important determinants of the adoption rate of the diseases and pests control technologies and methods by Date Palm farmers were the farmers’ level of contact with the different sources of information and farm size; each of them had a statistically significant effect.