Salwa Quita, Mohammed Zainy Mutawakal, Lina Kurdi and Badriah Hifni
Article publication date: 2012-12-01
Vol. 30 No. 4 (yearly), pp. 164-171.


Carboplatin, Cytogenetic effects, Micronucleus test, Polychromatic erythrocytes, Mice


Carboplatin is one of the anticancer drugs used in chemotherapy for cancer patients. Cytogenetic effects were evaluated by employing bone marrow micronucleus test, one of the short-term tests that adopted in such studies. Micronucleus test was used by injecting the mice with the three doses for five consecutive days into the intraperitoneal injection. Toxicity of carboplatin was observed in stimulates the production of micronucleus in polychromatic erythrocytes of bone marrow of treated mice. A dose-response relationship was observed giving evidence that carboplatin is positive clastogene.