Muneera Rashid Ghablan, Mahmoud Fathy Okasha, and Mariwan Hassan Husni
Article publication date: 2020-06-01
Vol. 38 No. 2 (yearly), pp. 98-125.


Choice theory, creative personality, happiness. Self-esteem, basic needs.


This aim of the study is to examine the varying functions of basic needs satisfaction in predicting happiness, self-esteem, and creative personality among university students using a choice theory-based perspective. A sampleof 1100 university students completed self-report scales of happiness, self- esteem, creative personality, and University Students’ Basic Needs Scale. Multiple regression analysis revealed that satisfying the need for survival, freedom, fun or entertainment, love and belonging, contribute to self-esteem and happiness among university students. Furthermore, satisfying the need for freedom, power, entertainment, love and belonging, contribute to creative personality. The findings provided supportive evidence for the major hypothesis of the choice theory, demonstrating that happiness increases as the satisfaction of basic needs increases. Furthermore, the basic needs satisfaction contributes to self-esteem and creative personality.